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FLW Town House


Design process

Horizon Vista Town house utilizes horizontal elements and earthy accents to bring the beauty of the prairie style’s gentle sloping lines and open spaces to life.  By blending the long, linear lands of the prairie and the low setting sun on the horizon with essential architectural elements, this space emphasizes natural simplicity through the design’s clean, low lines and the incorporation of warm sunset colors and outdoor textures bringing some of nature inside. 

Design development

The windows act as a blurred distinction from the exterior, a separation is created between the outside world and the home’s interior.  Subtle ornamentation of geometric shapes and materials throughout the space add a quiet elegance to the design and create a continual motif.  While incorporating a fireplace as a focal point and room divider, horizontal bands of stained glass windows, built-ins, open floor plan layouts, and detailed wood carving accents. 

model & Materials

The process of revitalizing a three story downtown business building into a two story town house with an office on the first floor forms space by evolving into the style of Frank Lloyd Wright’s (FLW) Prairie House.   By creating a Three-Dimensional Model, it allows viewers to feel and learn the spatial relationships and craft of this FLW “Horizon Vista” floor plan’s accurate to scale layout.

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