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Brighten Up Your Space

These simple steps are the most effective way to brighten up that dull space of yours. This can make your room look larger, boost your happiness and make your home look new.

Accent, task, direct and in-direct lighting creates an elevated appearance

Layer Light Sources: Most people do not realize the impact lighting has on your overall productivity, mental well-being and everyday mood. The best way to make a room feel more spacious is by eliminating shadows and dark corners. Incorporating more light sources with better quality of light can create this effect. Add in-direct lighting, otherwise known as up lighting that will reflect off of the ceiling. This gives the feel of a higher ceiling and has the effect of more wall space as well. Include several different light sources for task, ambient and overhead lighting at various height levels. Dimming controls are also an easy way for versatile lighting in a space.

Open Up Windows: In addition to artificial light, natural light is a must. Fewer draperies allow windows to bring in more light. Simply removing heavy drapery, tying curtains back or replacing them with simple cornices and translucent shades will allot you the benefit of all the outdoors has to offer, inclusive of natural light. Utilizing floor to ceiling window panels can create the illusion of larger windows and of more light. If the room does not have many windows, replace a solid interior door with a glass door or set of french doors to remove barriers between rooms. This also allows light from other spaces to flow in.

Tall windows bring the outdoors in

Use Reflective Surfaces: The addition of simple reflective surfaces to an area will make the whole space have a brighter, larger feel. The reflective surface will draw in light and bounce it around the room. This includes not only mirrors but items such as accessories, wall art and light fixtures that have some shine can accomplish the same goal. Glass, crystal, silver and gold are excellent mediums to utilize as well.

Reflective finishes will make a room look larger

A Fresh Coat of Paint: A very simple way to brighten a room is by painting a brighter neutral color to the walls such as white or pale yellow. If you choose to go a different route or just love that dark accent wall (like I do!) give your ceiling a fresh coat of paint in a lighter hue that compliments your color scheme. Incorporate lighter finishes on furniture and built-ins. If you love the rich finishes, make sure to create balance. Mix rich finishes with lighter accent pieces such as lighter fabrics and accessories.

A small bathroom will look larger with a fresh coat of paint and a brighter color

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