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Rustic Candle Holder

We've got the perfect wood centerpiece display that adds so much warmth to your home! What better way to warm up the winter season and it doesn't take much time at all to make. This candle holder is the perfect statement piece to transition after Christmas!

First I found an old oak branch that was dead in our field while taking a drive around in our mule. Our dogs love going on rides while look at the cows and put out corn for the deer! So anyways, we stopped and I just knew the branch would come to good use in one of my DIY projects, I actually got 2 of them ;). I just knew it had to go up on the mantel!

TIP: If you're getting a live branch that is still green, it will most likely be much harder to work with. It's more difficult to debark it rather than an old log and would need to be dried out. That aged look was what I was going for, driftwood would've been great for this as well. Keep in mind, it will also have the same wood tint as the tree when fresh. The older it is, the more gray will show.

I was going for the gray, white washed look. It is still winter you know and I love my winter whites. What better way to incorporate the winter season that going a little bare, reflecting the change of seasons! Just think of all the bare trees dropping leaves, winter coated grass and natural elements emerging.

Once cut to length, you want to start by taking off all of the existing bark with a flat head screwdriver, hammer or some type of chisel. Place the tools underneath the bark to lift up and pry off for easier control. I then went over all the excess bark with a wire brush and very softly scraped with fine sandpaper. Be gentle and don't sand too much or you will start to take off the top layer with the gray look. This is why I actually preferred the wire brush.

I then measured the depth and diameter of the tea light candles. I didn't want the entire candle recessed so I measured half of the base height. You will need to purchase a paddle bit the diameter of your candle, for instance my candles were 1 1/2" in diameter.

We marked the paddle bit to reference how deep we need to go while drilling. Make sure to also space out the candles to mark where to drill and verify their placement. You can measure to determine accurate spacing but you also want to keep in somewhat natural. I recommend balancing the candles with the log and to not place one directly centered. Wood is irregular to begin with so spacing doesn't have to be perfect and you can go a little off of the dimensions!

Take your drill and start cutting your holes to the marked depth. Do not press down with full strength so that you don't crack the log, especially with existing cracks like mine. Then finish off with a chisel to get any little wood chunks chipped out to help the candle to lay flat.

Lay the candles in and viola! I used fake battery operated candles for everyday use. TIP - Make sure your log stands up straight before drilling and make sure your recessed holes are sitting face up on how you want the branch laid. Adjust as needed to make it somewhat level by sanding or sawing the bottom.

It's ready to be placed in your decor, have fun sprucing it up with some greenery! It looks great up against silver eucalyptus.

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