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Design development

The textures represent the hard, rough, and strong surfaces of an actual sundial while the colors represent the time of day in which the shadow is cast.  The Independent Living wing is arranged in the morning shadow, creating a brighter sunrise feel and the Memory Care wing is arranged in late afternoon, early evening shadow, creating a darker sunset feel.

Schematic design

The shadows that the gnomon casts represents  the residents lifespans.  The core is the communal spaces as they help give strength and activity to the community.  The hour lines represent different life situations in the living quarters.  The arc inspired shapes are represented in the common "core" areas while the diagonals represent the "hour lines" of the residents.

Design process

This sundial concept is derived from the life reflection of the senior adults as they go through the stages of life  This concept helps them to reflect on their earlier years and celebrate the times they had.  The parts of a sundial are represented subtly throughout the design  by ceiling and flooring features as well as furnishing and finishes. 

Senior Living Community

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